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Cheryl Harders is the Founder and Owner of Palm Beach Jewelers and is passionate about providing her clients the opportunity to bring joy and beauty into their lives with signature jewelry they can keep forever.

Cheryl descends from a long line of jewelers and learned at an early age, the thrill of scouting for, studying, and selecting quality jewelry. As a young woman, she frequently visited New York City and its Diamond District, strolling through the many jewelry stores. The adventure of searching for unique pieces, studying the different cuts of stone, and marveling at the designs, created a foundation of what would become a life-long obsession with jewelry and the very real happiness it can bring to its owners. For her sweet 16th birthday, she was given the gift of a diamond necklace, and this once in a lifetime moment, anchored in her heart the desire to help others discover the “wow” factor of a special gift that would set their souls on fire.

Several years later and finding herself in the role of a single Mom, Cheryl relocated to Florida to start a new chapter in her life. Determined to create a career that would allow her family to live comfortably, and most importantly, provide the financial security and schedule flexibility she needed to raise her children, she opened her online jewelry store, Palm Beach Jewelers in 1999. With her life-long love of jewelry, the expert knowledge she had acquired over the years, and her natural people skills, her business quickly flourished. Twenty years later, she is still making clients happy and wants everyone to have that “sweet 16 diamond necklace” feeling when they purchase a piece of jewelry.

A member of several credited institutions, Cheryl is certified by the Gemological Institute of America and is listed with the exclusive Jewelers Board of Trade. She frequently attends various jewelry shows for continuing education and market awareness, ensuring quality, hand-selected pieces are always available to her clients, and that each piece is thoroughly inspected and qualified, according to the highest industry standards. Palm Beach Jewelers is also dedicated to an online buying experience that provides privacy, safety, and security.

Cheryl believes that every person deserves beautiful jewelry and enjoys working with a wide range of clients. FromPalm Beach society clientele with significant budgets who are collectors of jewelry, to the special occasion, one-time purchasers, Cheryl considers everyone equally important. Her clients say that she is warm, gracious, knowledgeable, and provides an unparalleled purchasing experience and they feel well taken care of and confident from initial exploration to final delivery.

You are encouraged to browse our online jewelry store to see if your beautiful, soul-stirring piece of jewelry is here. If it is, Cheryl would be honored to transfer one of her beauties into your hands.