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ShoppingPalm Beach Jewelers was founded by Cheryl Harders in 2001. She descends from a long line of jewelers and the skills she learned from this extensive background are being applied to Palm Beach Jewelers to make it the best possible buying experience for you--the consumer.

Cheryl Harders is a member of several credited institutions, ranging from being certified by the Gemological Institute of America to being listed with the exclusive Jewelers Board of Trade, ensuring that each and every piece of jewelry you buy from us is thoroughly inspected and certified assuring the finest quality possible.

RingPalm Beach Jewelers offers a distinguishing collection of high-quality, hand picked diamond and moissanite jewelry with unsurpassed customer service. Palm Beach Jewelers creates enthusiastically satisfied customers by exceeding typical customer service for each jewelry piece purchased. Safety and privacy of our customers is very important, that is why we never store certain information such as the CVV code and the shopping cart is secure. Our customers' information is never disclosed or sold to anyone. So you can feel comfortable purchasing from Palm Beach Jewelers.